How Intuition Shaped My Life

I can’t even express how much my intuition has exponentially accelerated my growth as an entrepreneur. If I could bottle it up and give it out to every single one of my loved ones, I would. But that’s not how it works. Intuition is something we already possess. It’s a power within that only needs to be unlocked. But before I get I get into how to do that, let me start at the beginning of my story.
I was raised under a Catholic household with parents that survived the Vietnam War and believed in the American dream. My parents were both born under a blanket of wealth until they had everything stripped away when the communists came knocking at their door. They went from having everything to nothing. My parents crossed oceans with the Promised Land in their mind that would hopefully deliver their dreams. They began their lives again working from the ground up. They went from homeless to middle-class and earned their house with a white-picket fence.

And then there was me. I was born with their story passed on not only through their words, but also in my blood. I wasn’t raised to follow my heart or to look for my soul’s purpose. Instead, their story continued on and their greatest desire for me was to find stability and certainty. To them, that was the path of a doctor. My sister lived out this story but I chose not to. It just never felt right in my heart or soul. That was the moment I felt that I was the black sheep of the family.

I was born intuitive. I could read people and situations for what they were from the very beginning. The thing is, I thought this was how everyone was. It wasn’t until my friends started making fun of me at school. “Julie! You say this every day! I had a dream …..”. They facetiously called me Martin Luther King, for his I had a dream speech. Every day I would get moments where I dreamed exactly what had happened that day and tell my friends because it bewildered me.

Fast forward to my 20’s. My 20’s were one of my most difficult, but most transformative years. I was discovering who I was and what path I wanted to take. It took years of soul searching and many falling down to my knee moments, to finally arrive to breakthroughs. The first lesson I learned, is that I needed to invest in self. The second is that wherever I spend the most time in, is where I will become excellent at, even if it’s not a passion. So why not, invest in myself fully because I want to be excellent at being me. My intuition was leading me, but it takes bold action to create follow-through in your life. The moment I immediately I started acting whenever intuition hit, is when my life catapulted forward in abundance.

I quit my job and I told my boss, “It’s time for me to leave because I need to believe in myself. I need to fully invest in self. I need to take a risk on me. I need to jump off the edge and see if I can fly”.

Each time you move into the uncomfortable and leave something with your intuition guiding you, you’re making room for bigger and better in your life.

The first time I ventured out in the public space about my business, I landed my first client that was one of the leading coaches in the industry. When I made the leap to do my business full time, I reached my highest income month ever.

These were all confirmations from the universe that I was on the right path even though there were spaces in-between where I was terrified. I had to loosen my grip on the illusion of safety nets in order to open up to possibilities that I can’t even fathom.

I currently live in Costa Rica after listening to my intuition and left New York City, the city I called home for 9 years. I am abundant in health, relationships, time, and career. Abundance is not just monetary it’s in all facets of life. I have the capability to eat organic food from the farm and cook for myself on the daily. I am constantly meeting amazing people who are also entrepreneurs and working towards their soul mission. I am also constantly expanding my vision and receiving more intuitive hits on more to come for me in business.

So how do you unlock your intuition? You must, must, must trust it. Think of it like your best friend who’s always looking out for you and unconditionally loves you. It will always be there for you, giving you advice on how to move forward. But if you keep ignoring your best friend there will be a time when the advice quiets. So if you want to begin unlocking your intuition, you must listen and trust it. To listen, we have to notice the way our intuition speaks. It might be a sensation in our stomachs or it may be just a feeling. All it takes is noticing and listening. If you keep listening, the voice of your intuition will become louder and so will the sensation that comes along with it. You wont even have to look down at the caller ID to see who’s calling; you’ll recognize your intuition’s voice right away. It’s your best friend ready to support and love you.

Julie Pham
Intuitive Healer and Personal Development Coach
Instagram: juliephamxo

Julie is an international personal development coach that teaches entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and spiritual enthusiasts to not only tap into their intuition but remove any emotional blocks that are keeping them from living the life they have always dreamed. She teaches intuition development, conscious business development, how to attract the love you’ve always desired, and how to own your power. Julie developed her own healing method called EMR (Energetic Mapping and Restoration) that combines deep cognitive analysis, transformational coaching, and energy work. She is on a mission to open people’s hearts and to empower as many people as possible to live out their own life’s mission.

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