Our Manifesto

It’s safe to say that @de.noche.vintage is good to Mother Earth. Wanna know why? Ok, lets us break it down!

1. We sell second-hand clothing. We don’t focus on brands but on good fabrics as well as good manufacturing.

2. Every year we donate more than 300 pieces of clothing to different foundations and communities in need.

3. Our brand identity is all about the freedom to be yourself without focusing on a lifestyle in particular but one that is simple, humble and grounded.

For us, being in touch with fashion does not mean blowing your money in brands and/or trends.

We encourage our buyers to be smart about their spending so they can treat themselves with other things that are nourishing to your soul.

Self-loving individuals are angels in disguise for we motivate others to do the same and therefore we create an army of happy people that are looking to do good to the Earth and others.

With our entertaining and user friendlye-commerce store we will continue to work with our same values at a pace that only our customers will define!

We don’t do fast-fashion nor slow fashion. Even better, we recycle, we spend less and therefore we can sell cheaper than others.

Our secret? Just the authenticity that has been defining us since 2015! Everyone is important and everyone has the right to look and feel fabulous for a price that is fair! ✨

Interview De Noche Vintage

Conocé acerca de nuestra fundadora y la historia de DNV.